Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last night, I was checking out at Trader Joe's, and I saw that Johnny Depp was bagging in the aisle all the way to the left. So that's why all the women are trying to get to that aisle!, I realized. I asked Mr. Depp why he was working at Trader Joe's. He said, "I can come and go, and no one tells me what to do. There's no expectation. It's fun." I said, "But don't you have to work a regular shift?" The manager was suddenly next to Johnny (but he'd been there the whole time, too, in the way of dreams). The manager said, as he wrote on his clipboard, "This is Johnny Depp. He can come and go whenever he wants to."

Johnny Depp and the manager were both wearing blue shirts.

I was going to ask another question, but my alarm sounded. Damn the alarm.


Larry Jones said...

Is that the same Trader Joe's where Rosario Dawson used to work? In my dreams, I always check out in her line.

PS: revision99 has been down for 24 hours. My host says they are having trouble with the server. I hope they don't lose everything I've put there in the past four years. Maybe I should have stayed on Blogger.

kStyle said...

It might be! Apparently they have some celebrity work-program.

Come back to Blogger! You know you want to...Is your host per chance 1&1 internet? They are replete with web mail 500 errors this week.

Larry Jones said...

I called 1&1 today about my site being down. They said it was "a problem on [our] end, not on yours." Then I mentioned the webmail was down, too, and they said, "Oh let me fix that," and it was so.

I'm pretty far down the road with them, and the longer I stay the harder it is to leave. They advertise 99.9% uptime. After a month, one day down would be 97% up, and I could complain. But after all these years (with only rare service interruptions) I'd have to be down for a month before it would even register. Also I'm a geek and I like to mess around with my webspace in ways Blogger won't allow. And I just checked and I'm back up again (10PM PST), so all is forgiven. We're in love again.

BTW, all your personal changes for the new year hit me like cold water in January, but I'm starting to warm up to the new Italian kStyle.

Narya said...

I would say that the whole "[s]he can come and go as [s]he pleases" thing was the Meaning of that episode, insofar as there is any deep meaning. Plus? The MANAGER said it was okay.

kStyle said...

Larry--My shiatsu page is hosted by 1&1. I know well of what you speak.

Why cold water?

Narya--Exactly. And Johnny Depp represents soulfulness to me. (Everyone seems to impose it being a sexy dream when I mention it, but it was not.) So: the soul can come and go as it pleases, even if the body must be at work. Taa-daa!