Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yuletide Cheer

Happy Yule! I'm feeling festive. The tree is decorated and most of the presents are purchased. The stores are bedecked in shiny reds, greens, and golds, and Trader Joe's is replete with seasonal chocolate-peppermint confections. The ground sports a crunchy layer of snow begging for my snowshoes. Dripping icicles hang off the power lines. We play the soundtrack to "A Charlie Brown Christmas." The cats, as always, nap.


Narya said...

Don't wanna piss in your cheerios or anything, but I kinda hate it all. I like the solstice, but all the rest of it gets on my nerves.

We did watch the Charlie Brown Christmas specials on TV the other night (I'd forgotten the other one completely), followed by a DVD of Rudolph, and I could stand all of those, not least because of the nostalgia.

And I hate peppermint.

Yes, I know, I'm a grouch. Probably not coincidental that my word verification is anathedi, which sounds vaguely antisocial.

kStyle said...

It's OK, you are allowed not to like the holidays. And for you? Gingerbread!

Notice that I say "Yule" rather than "Christmas". :)

How did you know I had Cheerios this morning? Is my condo bugged?

Narya said...

Mmmmm; gingerbread! What makes you think I'd like that?

Did you really have Cheerios? That's very funny. It's an expression I lifted from someone; don't remember who.

kStyle said...

Technically they were Joe's O's, but same idea.