Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Open Letter to Authors of Nonfiction Monographs and Contributed Texts

Dear Authors:

Please provide the ISSUE NUMBERS of the articles in the references. I cannot look ALL of them up for you.


Your Proofreader


Bill Stankus said...

Editors, proofreaders and publishers - don't you know - writers exist to service those people, it's not the other way around at all. Know your place!

Narya said...

You actually look them up? I send that stuff back with comments. Am I doin it rong?

Larry Jones said...

You must be the Best Proofreader Ever! Ano novo feliz, kStyle!

kStyle said...

Bill: Complete references--too much to ask from scholar-nurses? Apparently so.

Narya: If there are 1-2 missing in a chapter, I look them up. If the whole chapter's references are incorrect, I just flag it. I also check all the URLs and flag the incorrect ones. That said, I proofread fast after spending 7 years in the biz, so I'm still making about $30/hr on this.

Larry: You're too kind! Feliz ano novo a voce, tambem!