Friday, January 16, 2009

Breaking Promises

I know I promised I'd sequester all Weight Watchers-related posts here, but! I have to tell you! I lost 4.4 lbs the first week. It took me all summer using the Food Pyramid and ridiculous amounts of exercise to do the same. Yay, WW! Yay, me!

That is all.


Narya said...

That rocks! Yay you!

Incidentally, leaving comments at the other place can be challenging. The word verification often doesn't show up, and then I lose my comment when I try to get the word.

Larry Jones said...

I'm truly happy for you, and I know what you're going through. I just clicked over and read "Thin Ambitions" (TA? T&A?) for the first time, and found it not only interesting, but inspiring.

Here's one of the things that keeps me watching my weight (it's guilt, I know, but it works): 3,000 children starve to death each day, while two-thirds of Americans are overweight, half of that number categorized as "obese." This makes it OK for me to feel a little hungry occasionally. (I re-read and almost deleted that last little gem, but, hey, I think you can deal with it.)

kStyle said...

Narya: Thanks! I'll investigate the commenting issues over there.

Larry: Thanks! I'll use the thought of starving children to counter my anger at being hungry before dinner while all the happy people on TV are eating Whoppers.

Narya said...

Speaking of which, that's one of the things about the BK commercials they're running in our market that is pissing me right the fuck off. The line? "Every night, some people are going to bed hungry." or something like that. Except they're going to bed hungry because they didn't get their BK burger, not because they're poor or homeless or something. REALLY hate it.