Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

I am so, so happy about President Obama's inauguration. I felt proud, moved.

Did anyone else catch that he included "nonbelievers" in his address? Has any U.S. president remembered or acknowledged the nonbelievers before?

On a trivial note, I cannot hear "Hail to the Chief" without hearing Paul Reiser singing, "I am the den-tist, I've come to pull your tooth out".


Narya said...

I was very pleased to get a shout-out from the Pres. (Rick Warren = asshat, though.) The compulsory religiosity is a function of the anti-communism part of our national history. The founders weren't necessarily all about the praying and insistence on religion.

kStyle said...

Fascinating! Tell me more about the anti-Communism connection. I request a post on your blog!