Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Defense Day!

And St. Patrick's, too.


Narya said...

Lemme know how the defense goes (and I'd love to know what his diss is about, for that matter).

kStyle said...

Thanks for asking! He passed. He received many sincere compliments on the quality, clarity, and preparation. He also got a few tough questions from the 1 reviewer from another dept. And, interestingly, a researcher from a nearby company took some time from work to hear the defense...Perhaps a little recruitment in the works?

His work is on neural networks/neural modeling, specifically in pattern recognition. (He's on the computational/mathematical model end more than the neurobiological end.) He works with ARTMAP and its derivatives to help them learn better.

kStyle said...

PS The soundbite is: "mathematical models of learning and memory."

Narya said...

That sounds really cool, actually; and I suspect that Friend would find it interesting, too.

So, yay! another doctor in the house!

kStyle said...

It's very interesting, and the math is way over my head.

He's not a doc until the thesis is final and signed...But, soon!