Monday, March 16, 2009

I mean not to neglect.

Hello, blog peeps!

I'm here. How are you? I'm sorry I've been out of touch lately. The spring weather pulls me out of doors, or keeps me spring cleaning when I'm within walls. My husband defends his PhD tomorrow--5 years' work distilled into 1 hours' talk. My main mission in life has been ensuring that he eats enough during these last few chaotic weeks. The cats are well. The backyard birds (and lone squirrel) are scarfing up the black oil sunflower seed. My thesis...Well, it's as neglected as my blog. I've been brewing Papua New Guinea coffee in my fancy new French press, and this morning I'm enjoying it with just sugar, no cream. I like my coffee smooth. I've also been reading a lot of novels.

So that's the non-news news from here. What's going on with you?


Narya said...

Tell the hubby to have fun tomorrow! I'm really quite serious about that. Remember that HE WILL KNOW MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE ROOM ABOUT HIS DISSERTATION. If he knows what some of his critics are likely to say, he can head them off in his opening remarks by saying, "I know that these questions exist, but I (a) ignored them because they're stoopid, or (b) had to draw a line somewhere, or (c) decided that they really weren't relevant to my work because I focus on THIS pile of crap, not THAT one, and that question belongs in THAT pile of crap." And so on. I actually had a lot of fun at my defense, so there you go.

kStyle said...

Thanks, Narya, I'll tell him that! I've never heard that advice before--have FUN at your defense--and it puts a nice spin on it.