Sunday, May 4, 2008


I was at a party trying to ask Barack Obama whether my friend would pass the Bar, and whether he had lots of stress when he took the Bar. But Barack was distracted by trying to flirt with my coworker, Therese, who is very blond and pretty. Then there was a complicated interlude I can't quite remember, involving dancing to Soul Coughing songs on a disco floor and someone picking violets. As I was leaving the party, this woman I know who runs an art gallery in real life told me to check my mailbox. Barack had left his lucky deck of playing cards in my mailbox. He left his lucky card--8 of Clubs--face up, with a note apologizing for his distractedness. He said my friend would pass the Bar, and then asked that I serve on his religious advisory board, because he needs a Buddhist.

The interpretation is where it gets interesting. In real life:
Therese is my friend's middle name as well as my coworker's name. (My friend is really prepping for the Bar.) The day before I had the dream, another friend was talking about picking violets. Last week, the woman who runs the art gallery left me a bunch of stuff in my shiatsu office cubby. Best of all, the 8 of Clubs corresponds the Tarot card 8 of Wands, which represents things being up in the air but falling into place.


Ann said...

Awesome. I love it.

kStyle said...

No WAY! Cool.