Sunday, May 4, 2008

Facebook Is a Time Suck, and Other Notes from the Weekend

  • Facebook. It sucks me in. It also just plain sucks, in a sense. But I can't turn away. I will probably use it intensely for 2 weeks and then never log in again. Like I did with Friendster.
  • The Best recipe for PB Cookies Anywhere Ever is Peanut Butter Crisscrosses, page 303 of The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion: The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook.
  • We are still scraping ancient wallpaper glue of the bathroom walls, and still hoping it isn't carcinogenic.
  • Thanks to a groovy idea in Domino Magazine (I got a free subscription for some cross-promotional reason I don't quite understand), I made a master grocery list containing the major things we usually buy, in the order they appear in the store. Before shopping, we can cross out what we don't need and write in anything extra we do need.
  • I threw off my anticipated timelines by being accepted to a graduate program way faster than expected, and now I'm looking at registering for courses and applying for financial aid rather than prepping for the GREs, and it's got me a little unbalanced, like, nightmares about forgetting to do my social studies homework and being the only 35-year-old (older than I really am) in a class with 15-year-olds, who incidentally are all the old high school friends I found on Facebook this weekend.
  • I like Nia. We had a dancin' Beltane celebration Friday night. Awesome.
  • I tried to mail my sister some gluten-free mixes purchased at the local Trader Joe's. The enthusiastic bagger/manager handed me a list of all the many gluten-free products Trader Joe's carries. I thought, what the hell, and threw the list in the package to her. I've been to the post office no fewer than 3 times this weekend, but the package to my sister is still not mailed.
  • The Best of the Colbert Report: funny stuff. Its mood is less cynical than The Daily Show.
  • Finally, Jacques Pepin has had a fascinating life. I highly recommend his autobiography.


PJH said...

Hey, thanks for putting the peanut butter criss-cross cookies and our book on your list - and thanks for the link. I wrote the book and that happens to be my mom's recipe... I'll let her know she's now getting blogged about (well,indirectly...) - We're honored1 - PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour

kStyle said...

PJ, I'm honored to have you visit my humble blog!! Your mom is a hero to me.