Friday, September 5, 2008

Employ Me! And, Your Music Suggestions Requested

I am striking out applying for school positions. I began, optimistically, by applying for full-time faculty and then broadened my scope to include "support staff" positions (ie, tutor, permanent substitute teacher). I have a few theories:

1. Education is even clubbier than other fields. You have to know someone. This is why it's useful to have my dad make calls, but he doesn't know anyone at most of the schools to which I've applied.

2. I may not know the "code" for education applications yet. Each field has certain keys to a successful resume, which may or may not apply to other fields. In publishing production departments, for example, the interview-worthy resume must list at least Office Suite, and preferably includes "Adobe Suite" and "dual platform" as well. We love phrases like "detail-oriented" and "within budget". Outsiders may not realize that the humble PowerPoint can make or break a resume. I suspect that there is a Magical Incantation for the Education Resume that I'm missing.

3. The economy is, shall we say, soft, which means less funding in the town budgets for school faculty and staff.

4. I won't apply for special ed jobs. I know, I just know, that I lack the particular flavor of patience needed to work in special education.


Onto a happier topic. I need workout tunes! Not fast, peppy cardio tunes, but slower, more deliberate weight lifting/calisthenics ones. Poor G. is going to lose his mind if I play any more Bowie. Here's my playlist thus far:

Damien Marley--Beautiful
Bob Marley--Jammin (too sweet for the tough business of weights)
Spoon--I Turn My Camera On*
The Dandy Warhols--We Used to Be Friends* (too played out)
Chromeo--Fancy Footwork
Gaudi--Ayahuasca Deep Fall
Stevie--Higher Ground (too slow, surprisingly)
Jamiroquai--Traveling without Moving, Alright (too dancey), and Virtual Insanity (too negative)
Beatles--Good Day Sunshine, Taxman (way too fast)
Weezer--Island in the Sun

MIA--assorted songs (don't know the titles. may all get deleted on account of being slightly irritating)

So, post me your recs!

*Yes, I bought the Veronica Mars soundtrack.


Larry Jones said...

Since you've crossed out Jammin' how about Pressure Drop by Toots and the Maytals? Better yet, the one by Robert Palmer, because it seques into Hey Julia followed by Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley. Woohoo!

You Haven't Done Nothin' is a good replacement for Higher Ground, especially when Stevie exhorts "Jackson Five join along with me, say 'doo-dee-wop!'"

Fixing A Hole might fill in for the too-fast Taxman. Actually, all of Sgt. Pepper is done sort as a march, so if one of them works, maybe they all will. Pretty good record, anyway.

100 Days, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Salala, Angelique Kidjo

The Shape I'm In, The Band

Chicken Payback, The Bees (AKA Band of Bees)

and for the really HEAVY weights, Two Turntables and a Microphone, Beck

kStyle said...

Ooh, thanks for the suggestions! I don't know most of these, so this will be a fun chance to hear some new tunes. I'll report back. :)

kStyle said...

Hey, I already have You Haven't Done Nothin'! I also have Superstition, for that matter: both perfect.

Digging for Stevie, I came across the classic B-52s album The B-52s and tossed Dance This Mess Around, Rock Lobster, and Lava into the list. I like my weights with a side of weird.

Thanks to your excellent suggestions, I've also added 100 Days and Salala. That particular Beck song was not on iTunes, but you've inspired me to place the better part of Guero into the mix.

Now where the heck is my copy of Sgt Pepper?

Larry Jones said...

I almost mentioned Rock Lobster, but I thought it was as fast as Taxman. Don't want to strain those triceps.

kStyle said...

For some reason, Larry--to my chagrin, I've never been able to grasp music theory--Rock Lobster is conducive to working at half-time than is Taxman.