Monday, September 22, 2008



I plan to give my notice at the publishing company today.

It is very strange. I thought I would feel elated and nervous when the day came. Instead, I feel like I don't believe it, and very calm. I wonder how I'll feel once I actually talk to my manager, and over the next month until my last day, October 30.

I wonder how anxious I might feel as I work out health care and banking over the next month, as I defer loans and cash a few matured savings bonds.

I'll be substitute teaching in a couple of towns and maybe freelancing on the side. I figure, pouring all my energy into publishing is not going to help me get into teaching. Substitute teaching will help me get into teaching.

And that is the story for today.


Narya said...


Good luck, etc. I don't have it in me to say everything's going to work out perfectly (although it may!)--but I CAN say that you have the stuff you need to cope with (and even enjoy) whatever happens.

And, hey, if nothing else, your job there led to enabling me to survive the two previous years and enabled me to pay off my student loan last week! (Enough about me . . . what do YOU think of me?)

Seriously, though, good luck.

Ann Forstie said...

Congrats! I'm sure everything's going to work out perfectly. ;)

kStyle said...

Thank you both!