Sunday, November 30, 2008


My research paper on the legislative roots of NCLB is now, at long last, at the point where Dubya is going to take office and reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act under the name No Child Left Behind. What a journey it's been, from Sputnik and Brown v. Board of Education, to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the origin of ESEA in '65, leaping ahead to Reagan (crazy, crazy Reagan), Bush I, and Bill Clinton. The influence of governors, the influence of corporations, the influences of the Cold War and civil rights...Sigh.

After we tidy up Bush and the current Act, we'll speculate about Obama, fix the references, and hopefully call it a day.

Then I'll need to finish my thesis proposal. Thankfully, that's in pretty good shape.

Thanksgiving has been like this: Type-eat-read, type-read-eat, type-check email-procrastinate, read-read-type, type, type.


Bill Stankus said...

When I wrote my books I found procrastination absolutely necessary. The pauses allowed settlement and minutes for clearing brain stuff. And the munchies! Definitely lots of nervous eating.

kStyle said...

What have you written, Bill?

Also: MUNCHIES, yes! Those poor PB M&Ms are at the mercy of the hungry, hungry research paper gods. So are my fingernails.

Bill Stankus said...

On my blog, right side column under "Stories & Essays" is "Writing"... that's more or less what I've done.

Narya said...

Do let me know if you want/need an editor at any point in these processes. I have some experience editing ;-)

kStyle said...

Bill: I'll check it out!

Narya: You do? ;) Thank you! I may take you up on it as my thesis gets past the proposal stage.

BTW, I really enjoyed reading chapter 2 of your dissertation. I plan to read more for my own edification when I'm on break. I had to narrow my NCLB paper's focus to the modern era (post-1954) so as to fit it in 10 pages, but it was fun to have those deep ideological roots in my brain while I wrote!