Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Grade Sucks.

There is whining. There is tattling. There is grabbing the teacher with grubby little hands of neediness every time she walks by. There is more tattling. There's the sick girl who has to come home. There is forgetting hats, coats, gloves, anon at cafeteria, office, gym, anon. There is lots of noise, and more noise. There is more grabbing the teacher. There's a lot of crying after lunch, when the kids are tired.

There is NOT a lot of listening.


Ann Forstie said...

What?! Those adorable little children are not all peaches and cream? How can this be?

Ann Forstie said...

Anyway, you made it. Good job! You should get a smiley-face sticker.

kStyle said...

Oh, thanks, Ann. You know, I remember from my summer-camp-counselor days that 6-7-y.o.'s are not my cup of tea. Yesterday simply confirmed it.

I can deal with middle- and high- school attitude much better than the whining, grabbing, tears, and tattling.