Monday, November 10, 2008


You may recall that I was nervous about leaving my job of seven years. I was afraid I'd miss it, that I'd discover it was really my life's work.

Turns out? Not my life's work. Do not miss it at all.

Of course, I miss many of my friends. They also email me to say how I'm missed. They STILL have not hired someone for my position. It has now been 7 weeks since I gave notice. Silly.

A List of Things I Do Not Miss about My Former Job:
  1. Should I have capitalized "about" in the above title-case header? Who gives a f^ck?
  2. A colleague informed me today that my former office again smells like dead rat.
  3. They still haven't replaced me? WTF? Get it together, people!
  4. Anal-retentive colleagues with control issues telling me what to do.
  5. Monday morning status meeting. Ye gods, that thing was heinous. The tension!
  6. The tension! The tension!
  7. The steady march of corporatization on the culture and expectations of a formerly small, family-owned publisher.
    7a. Squeezing vendors for every last dime.
    7b. While knowing that said vendors have not received a salary increase in years.
    7c. And that many have had drastic layoffs.
    7d. Managers now must sign off on everything, up to and including wiping your ass.
    7e. Listing monthly "wins". That really was the last nail in the coffin for me.
  8. Boredom. Hours and hours of daily, grinding tedium. The days were sooooooo loooong.
    8a. It's not as if I wasn't busy. I was constantly, completely overloaded with work, and bored to tears by all of it.
  9. Crushing workload. CRUSH-ING.
  10. Although my colleagues are nice people, and many are friends, they are the most neurotic group of individuals you could hope to collect under one roof. Everyone is full of hang-ups. Every conversation could suddenly turn awkward for no apparent reason. See also #4.
  11. Being grossly underpaid.
  12. Pretty much everything about my former job: I do not miss it.


Narya said...

Are you sure you weren't working at the bakery with me? Because the grinding workload + tedium sounds awfully familiar . . . as does the not missing it.

kStyle said...

I think maybe I was, spiritually.