Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthday Plans

Today is the actual day. We'll be driving the hour down to my parents' house, and even my brother and sister are coming for the occasion! First, a late lunch of Mexican food (not my very favorite, but will be fun, especially with margaritas in the equation). Then, we'll pick up my grandparents, return with them to my parents' house, and enjoy pineapple upside-down cake (my request). It's going to be fun.

But first: I'm getting out in the sun for a walk. I spent all day enjoying brunch yesterday; really fun, but no chance for sun on an exposed bit of face. This is crucial for my winter well-being.


Narya said...

Woo-hoo! Celebrations galore!

Plus? As I'm sure I told you last year? You share a birthday with Michael Jordan and with the man who got me into handball (he died a few years ago, but would be nearing 100 if he were still alive).

kStyle said...

Thanks, Narya! I am honored to share a birthday with the great Jordan and your handball guru.

Good people are born the 17th of February.

Ann F said...

Happiest of happy birthdays!! A little visual present here, and one coming in the mail, um, soon.

Larry Jones said...

I never took down your birthday greeting from last year, so I think I'm still covered. My computer is currently farkled, so I can't make you a new one, but I wish you a great day and a great year anyway.

kStyle said...

Aw, thanks, Larry! It's (still) awesome!!