Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Like

Blog Friends, let's take a moment of listing Things We Don't Like That We "Should". Together, we can purge our Shoulds. I'll go first:

  • green tea
  • whole wheat pasta
  • Lord of the Rings (at least the movies)
  • God
  • puppies
There, I feel better already. Well, OK, I do like some puppies, but I got on a roll there.


Ann F said...

1. Cleaning - It is not fulfilling, it is not relaxing, and it is not meditative. It's just me wrestling with dirt.

2. Cooking - The kitchen gets too hot, it makes a pile of dishes (see #1), and the food never tastes good enough to justify all the effort I put into it.

3. Tofu - No.

4. Going for walks - I'd rather be under a set of dumbbells, thanks.

5. Spontaneity - Unless we're talking about spontaneous napping or spontaneous decisions to eat out instead of making dinner.

kStyle said...

Sister, testify!

Larry Jones said...

Ellen Page (Young girl who acts like an old lady. A snippy old lady.)
American Idol (They're not amateurs. They're pros who aren't any good.)
Mercedes Benz (Germany's revenge. Overweight, oversized, overpriced and UGLY.)
Asparagus (Wife thinks it's manna from heaven, keeps putting more on my plate - cats will not eat it)
The Dave Matthews Band (Too earnest by half. Apparently unable to shake his booty.)

You're gonna get some heat about that LOTR thing.

kStyle said...

I've already taken lots of heat for LOTR. BRING IT ON

Narya said...

1. Working out. I like having done it, which is not the same thing at all.
2. Fast food. It's not difficult for me to avoid it, because I don't like it. I don't like the taste--chemicals, sugar, and salt--or the process or anything about it.
3. Naps. Occasionally I'll be so tired that I'll crash in the middle of the day, but that's more an unavoidable thing. I don't like how they make me feel.
4. Nearly all television. Y'all know that I like sports (except for things like American Gladiator or cage wrestling or whatthefuckever), and I'll occasionally get into watching The Daily Show, but I can go for weeks without watching anything other than sports (and often go days without watching anything at all).
5. An assortment of "girly" things--manicures and pedicures are the two that come to mind, and nail polish in general. I don't dislike those things because they're supposedly girly, I dislike them because of their own essences. I mean seriously: paying someone else $20 or more to file your nails and paint them? Why?

Despite my love of LOTR--the books rather than the movies, though I like the movies well enough--I don't care whether others like it. I do think people should appreciate what Tolkien did, in the sense of writing the books as a backstory for the languages he invented, but one doesn't have to like the stories themselves. And, Larry, while I will never try to convince you that DMB is The Best Thing Ever, I have to disagree with the reasons you gave. You can not like him til the cows come home, but I don't argue with people over musical likes and dislikes.

kStyle said...

Narya, I'll take your naps, if you're not using them.

And Ann, I'll take your walks. You can lift the weights for me.

Narya said...

Also? Sleeping late. Ideally, I like to get up around 5:30 or so. I'll sleep a little later on occasion, but I start getting antsy by 7 or so. I'm perfectly happy to lounge in bed reading, mind you, but sleeping my life away? No.

Narya said...

Also: NPR and PBS. I don't mind either of them, I'm reasonably glad they're around, and about once a year I may even watch something on PBS, but in general, I'd rather not. I especially do not want to listen to NPR.

kStyle said...

That's interesting, Narya--I would have guessed you would be an NPR-ophile.