Thursday, February 7, 2008

So. So. Tired.

Blog peeps, I am just wiped out. I don't know if my body is at last succumbing to the horrendous flus and sinus infections going around--I am not sick, but I am wiped out in that way of "fighting something"--or if it's the deadly 1-2 punch of 2 days of pouring cold rain making me sleepy, plus preventing me from getting out and walking. Oh, and working through last weekend with all the shiatsu activity. Maybe the answer is D., All of the above.



Ann F said...

Weird -- I've had the same thing this week. I've been exhausted, the kind that starts in the middle of your muscles and radiates out. Just out of it.

Stupid body.

kStyle said...

Maybe it's a February Slump.