Thursday, February 28, 2008

Plus and Minus

Today, I am irritated. Here are some of the irritations:

  1. I am so tired that I overslept two buzzing, dinging alarm clocks and a screaming, hungry cat for 45 minutes.
  2. I proceeded to make myself a cup of oolong. This was foolhardy, for it seems to contain less caffeine than my other teas, and did nothing to wake me.
  3. At work, I then drank three cups of black tea.
  4. At lunch, I made a special drive to a favorite cafe, to which I had a gift certificate. I ordered a turkey wrap and more tea. I drove the 12 minutes back to work. Ensconced at my desk, I opened my wrap, which contained no fucking turkey. My wrap actually contained lettuce on both ends. I had a whole fucking head of romaine in there. I became convinced it was a Weight Watchers conspiracy.
  5. The cool independent record store next to the cafe is going out of business.
  6. Still exhausted, I drank my strong darjeeling tea while endlessly chewing my lettuce sandwich. At 3 PM, feeling like crap, I realized that I had not drunk any water whatsoever all day. I began hydrating.
  7. On a post about being irritated, Blogger is turning all my dignified, indignant numbered lists into flowers. Which actually, is pretty funny and Zen of Blogger, come to think of it.
Here are the things that did not go so badly:
  1. I got a double Bowie CD at the closing music store for 20% off. Space Oddity is an amazing song, now and forever.
  2. When I called to complain, the cafe promised me a free sandwich and took down my name. I'm going to order a goddamn corned beef with bacon and turkey. Don't mess with me when I want meat. I don't eat that much of it, so it better be in the wrap when I order it.
    (Excuse me...ranting.)
  3. It was sunny.
  4. I didn't have all that much work.

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