Friday, March 14, 2008

Back to Unrefined

Blog peeps, I am off the white smack again. No white sugar, no white flour (except maybe some pasta, which has more protein than your average white fare), and I'm even saying "adieu" to potatoes. Why is it that all the white foods are the ones that spike blood sugar so bad? (And carrots, the exception proving the rule.)

Realizing I was insanely addicted and terribly fatigued, I quit the smack again this week. So far, so good. And, because of said fatigue, I made an appointment with my doc: let's just make sure I still have a thyroid in there, you know? I went this morning, had a new doc to the practice, who noticed...that my fasting glucose test from last year was just over the "totally safe" line and flirting with "insulin resistance". No one had mentioned this before, but I wasn't complaining of fatigue at the time, either.

So, we retest next week, and meantime, I give thanks that I have eaten way less white food this year than last.


Narya said...

Good luck--it sounds like the no white smack effort has been useful for you, even when you have a little of the stuff, simply because you eat more mindfully as a result. Which, you know, good!

kStyle said...

And, white sugar's totally addictive for some people. I really believe that. But the Domino's conglomerate won't let it out.

Thanks for the encouragement!