Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three Days in One

Yesterday felt like three distinctive days. It began with the Not-Fun Day: doctor visit, filling replacement, frantically cleaning house and throwing together a menu in preparation for a dinner guest.

New filling in mouth, novacain still numbing half my face in a novel way, I embarked upon the more relaxed Day 2. First, shopping for dinner. I adore scallops. They are sweet and briny pillows from heaven. G. does not love scallops, and they are expensive, so I do not often get my scallops. However, I had a three-fold reason/excuse: 1. I needed to eat smooshy food post-filling, 2. our dinner guest adores scallops, too, and 3. scallops take literally two minutes to cook, which means they are not a huge distraction from dinner guests. Hurray! So, bought scallops. Then I went to Trader Joe's for other ingredients and saw someone I know, who filled me in on the Extreme Home Makeover [warning: link has sound] that had just transpired in his town.

Then (still Day 2) drove out into a more-wooded, less-civilized looking town (in a pretty way) to brainstorm ideas for a series of workshops I'll be teaching with the co-teacher/studio owner. We had fun. She served me tea in a mug with a drawing of hippos having sex. "All guests get the humping hippos mug," she said. Also, she has dinosaurs painted on her mailbox! (She has a young boy.)

Day 3, back to civilization. Drove back to my shiatsu office to meet my client/friend/dinner guest for a 5:30 appointment. It was a good shiatsu session. Then we returned to mi casa for said scallops and had a lovely evening chatting and dining. She brought a lovely wine.

Finally, I got to bed at 11 and hit the pillow asleep. Visions of scallops and dinosaurs danced through my dreams. I woke up totally refreshed.

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Narya said...

Mmmmm. to all of it. I also love scallops. visit me and I will feed them to you.

And? I've realized that one of the great joys of Friend's company is that we both have very very short lists of foods we don't like (mine = bell peppers of any color; cumcumbers; cantaloupe; any kind of mint except fresh, and they're all on the list because they do not play nice with my body; his = blue cheese and pumpkin). We keep marveling at the incredible food we keep having, but it's probably not so surprising.

it sounds like two wonderful days and one okay day.