Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fusion Leftovers: Greek Quesadillas

Warm olive oil in skillet.

Take leftover flour tortilla. Cover half with feta cheese and the extra chopped yellow bell pepper that was not used in last night's quinoa salad.

Notice that there are jarred whole kalamata olives from an indeterminate date of purchase still sitting in the fridge. Remove from fridge. Open jar. Sniff. Decide that brine acts as a preservative, so all will be well.

Fish a few kalamatas from jar. Rinse. Slice, removing pits, and then sprinkle slices over feta-bell pepper mix to taste.

Fold over tortilla.

Place in hot skillet. Cook until cheese becomes warm and soft, and tortilla is golden and crispy.



Narya said...

Brine IS a preservative: it's why people salted meat to cure it. Plus brine plus refrigeration? Honey, those things'll last forever.

Except that you're eating them, so, not.

I'm going to take the remains of my salad from last night's dinner with Chuck and CK--which had chicken and bacon and onions and stuff in it, plus the broccoli that CK gets as one of his sides and hands off to me--and toss it with some pasta. Festival of leftovers!

And I want to bake today, too, if I get enough editing done.

kStyle said...

Mmm, that sounds good.

I have sourdoughs rising...I used molasses, hope it doesn't suck.

Narya said...

Here is a comment on dreams (I didn't put it below so it wouldn't get lost).

kStyle said...

I LOVE it, and in fact I love the whole website. Thanks!