Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Poem with Rough Meter but Lots of Heart

Today the Lord's High Holy Day
uncorrupted, Christians say
by commercialism, greed, and lights--
unlike the most holy of nights.

The Lord Is Risen, Alleluia,
and crocuses are quickly growing*
hopefully there's no more snowing--
Oh Easter dear, your roots are showing.

Bunnies hop upon the ground
with eggs--fertility abounds;
we're not too far from Pagan root
(our ancestors with baskets of loot--
chocolate, eggs, fresh spring greens--
delightful, I say, what it means)
that Human, after all, are we,
the same sun warms our family tree.

We greet Him now with joy and cheer
The Sun/Son once again is near!
Easter's theme: renewing Life
cut loose from coldest winter's strife,
and whether Christ or Goddess bless
or simply birds upon the nest
(that is to say, the joys of nature unadorned by gods)
No matter what your faith and creed,
Sunday after Spring full moon, indeed's
a fine time to rejoice of things to come,
to pause, and hear the beat of life's great drum.

*This year, Easter is early because the first full moon fell on the equinox, so the crocuses aren't literally growing yet.


Narya said...

OTOH, here's a recipe for easter cookies that's really only missing some blood.

kStyle said...

What a recipe!

Why does the "salt" represent the "bitterness of sin"? Because salt is, you know, salty, not bitter.

mel said...

Thank you for a very fine poem about...Easter (and stuff)!

kStyle said...

Thank you for thanking me, Mel!