Wednesday, April 30, 2008



The Husband and I began recreational coed volleyball tonight. When we first arrived, the coach lady told us about a tourney we could play in as a team in late June. I thought, "You may take that back when you see me try to play."

To my great surprise, I was not the worst player there. Of course, the coach lady gave me key pointers at the very beginning, while we all hit the ball around a bit to warm up. Then we played many games. I got it over the net sometimes. Wild.

It was an interesting demographic swatch. All ages--teens (all girls) to me & G, 30 each, up to people in late 40s/50s/early 60s. I would say that 70% of the players were Asian-American, specifically Chinese. I wondered why. Smatters of Chinese language broke out here and there, which was cool. Is volleyball popular among Asians or Asian-Americans?

This just in:
It seems that volleyball has long been popular both in China, where it was introduced by missionaries, and in Chinatowns across the US.

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