Thursday, June 5, 2008

Calcium Dreams and Sweetness

I seem to sleep better and have sweeter dreams when I take my calcium supplement before bed. (I discovered this by forgetting to take it in the morning a few days.) Try it. Let me know what happens.

Sweeter than calcium dreams, sometimes too sweet, is apricot nectar. I froze little ice cubes of it last week, wanting just a frozen splash of the pretty juice at a time. This morning, waking thirsty from last night's volleyball, I blended a few cubes with soymilk. It's SO. Delicious.


Narya said...

Wow--a calcium supplement? I don't take one of those, and I'm pretty much galloping into menopause. So I can't really answer your question, actually.

And soy? hate it. I like soy sauce well enough, and I liked edamame the one time I had it, but there are many various (and nefarious) forms of soy that do not agree with me. The idea of soy milk makes me a little queasy. (and it's really not "milk" so much as "juice.")

I like apricot, though, and I've made smoothies, so that part of the program I like.

kStyle said...

Hmmmm...maybe you should take one. I actually get horrible charlie horses during my menses unless I take a calcium and magnesium supplement. Perhaps this is because I can't drink milk, what with the lactose intolerance. (Aged cheese is OK, though.)

You can blend the apricot ice cubes with regular milk. We just happened to have soy---what with the lactose thing.

Narya said...

I probably should, especially given that I've been eating a lot less cheese, as part of the general ARP (ass-reduction program), and less milk as well.

I am monumentally lazy these days, and the though of gathering the various ingredients for smoothies and then actually, you know, BLENDING them, in a BLENDER, well, I'll just have a mango dum-dum and pretend it's fruit.