Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vball, New Session

It's a new volleyball session! Can you believe it's been eight weeks already?

It seems the Austrians are gone, at least for the summer. The Asian-American middle schoolers remain, and they've gotten good. There were 4 new young women tonight--late teens? early 20s? home from college for the summer?--who played about like I did eight weeks ago. It was sort of fun to see our improvement. One of these newcomers was looking at me like, Wow, you're good, and I was thinking, Honey, I'm bad. I'm just marginally OK. But thanks.

Even more Chinese-American adults came, making a formidable team on the far court, where they played against a bunch of tall girls who probably play on a real team somewhere. Two of my favorite players, a tall Greek woman and her teenaged niece, both so pleasant and so talented, are in Lemnos for the summer. Good for them. I would go, too. The middle-aged women crew did not show tonight.

PS Tonight, my arm muscles were still broken down from Tuesday's vigorous upper body weight-lifting routine. I helplessly watched time and time again as my beautifully arching serve fell harmlessly to our side of the net. "Hit it harder," our coach-figure very helpfully offered. My biceps and triceps laughed at me. I said, "I may need to switch out my weights day from Tuesdays." "Or stretch more," the coach-lady replied, which again, not very helpful.

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