Friday, June 6, 2008

Waiting by the Inbox

Last week at grad school orientation, our dean went on and on (which I suspect he is wont to do) on many topics, but especially The Importance of Using Your College Email. I suspect this talk was for the benefit of people in the audience older than I, but I nonetheless scrambled home and logged into my new account straightaway.

Incorrect username or password.

A couple calls to the school IT department determined that my account was not yet set up, but should be within a week. I tried every day.

Incorrect username or password.

This morning, I filled in my username and password, hit Enter, and, to my great surprise, was brought to a new screen--My inbox! Hello, new inbox, untainted by spam or an ill-thought-out subscription to the Budget Travel e-newsletter!'s empty. No messages. I emailed G. right away, of course, a simple "Testing 1 2 3." He replied, "It worked!" and then...silence.

It's a little lonely in a clean inbox.

Oh, that could be taken in a naughty way.


Ann said...

Of course now I'm sitting here trying hard to construe that sentence as dirty.*

Ah, the Internet. A place one can write an entire blog post about the craziness that is unprepared IT departments, and still it all comes down to inappropriate euphemisms.

*And it's not even like I don't notice these things. The other day I snickered at a sign offering "FREE WOOD."

kStyle said...

I watched the premiere of Swingtown* yesterday, so my head's extra in the gutter.

*mediocre show with a terribly annoying 70s soundtrack