Monday, February 23, 2009

This is called freaking out.

I'm staring at my literature review, unable to move forward, filled with Dread and Overwhelm.


Narya said...

The First Rule of Narya (stolen from Hunter Thompson): when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The Second Rule (which is more important, in this particular case): First this. Then that.

Also, if I can help in any way, I will try to do so. If it's any use, pretend you're writing the lit review as a letter to me.

kStyle said...

I think I want to quit grad school. I'm not pro. I just want to sleep and eat carbs.

Narya said...

Well, do NOT focus on the First Rule; go to the Second Rule without delay.

And why do you want to quit?

Think of the texts you must review the way you would have approached a classics text. Or something.

kStyle said...

Second rule! Without delay! Ho!

I made an outline. That will hopefully help. I will spend today in the library. I realized I've been avoiding the library since the Great Library Parking Lot Flat Tire Incident of December 08.

I think I want to quit largely because of my thesis. You see, now I've learned everything I care to learn about this topic. I still have to do more research and write, however. But in my mind, I am done.

Also, after years of shiatsu school and work, and years of shiatsu practice-building and work, and now grad school and work, I reckon I am simply tired.

Also? It's February. I'm always miserable in February.