Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's project

I took a page from Katie Brown today. Katie once personalized brownies made from a boxed mix by frosting them with melted caramels and topping with toasted pecans. (Then she proceeded to make bath salts from scratch, which caused us to wonder, "Why not buy the bath salts and make the brownies from scratch, Katie? Who has citric acid powder and liquid glycerin in the cupboard rarin' to go?")

Anyway, I decided to personalize brownies for my valentine. The man loves brownies, he does. It occurred to me that my best from-scratch efforts will be much more work and not much better than Ghiradelli's dark chocolate brownie mix. Still, brownies from a mix don't say "I love you" in the most romantic way.

I toyed with buying a heart mold, but I didn't want to shell out twenty-five bucks for another cooking accessory to crowd the cupboards.

Then I remembered Katie. Katie, I thought, I didn't know how wise you were.

I bought some chocolate heart candies to place on the brownies. What to stick them with? Of course! Peanut butter frosting! Yippee!

My variation, then: Ghiradelli dark chocolate brownies with PB frosting and dark chocolate heart candies. Thank you, Katie Brown. No, I will not be making bath salts.

Do you have any surprises in store for the feast of St. Valentine?


Bill Stankus said...

Ya know, my love and I have been in love forever. Yet we've never done valentine's day, are spotty with birthdays and christmas ... our love is who we are and what we do when together and apart. Always and always. I define myself by her love and I live only to love her. In fact, whatever I do is for her. She's my breath and my purpose. That's best I can do. But I too love brownies.

Narya said...

No, it kinda grosses me out. (Twisty did a splenetic piece on what she called the annual female-genitalia-grab last year that sums up my general feeling about the whole thing.) years when I've been more motivated, I've made heart-shaped sugar cookies that I splattered with red food coloring (so they look blood-spattered), but I haven't done that in four or five years. That was part of my effort to reclaim it as a friendly, rather than pseudo-romantical thing, and it was pretty hopeless, as efforts go.

kStyle said...

Bill: Every day is Valentine's! Lovely.

Narya: I had mixed feeling about Valentine's until a friend said, "It's about LOVE." That sentence changed my perspective, let me redefine and reframe.