Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tomorrow: A retreat for 'Style.

Tomorrow I will take myself away to the heated indoor pool of a local hotel. I will swim, and swim some more. I will use the hotel whirlpool hottub jaccuzzi thing. I will pretend I'm on vacation, a luxurious retreat all by myself, like a wealthy lady of leisure. I may even eat lunch in a hotel restaurant. Imagine! A day's vacation, moments from home! I feel better just thinking about it.


Ann Forstie said...

Oh, boy -- I'm jealous. Happy early birthday to you!

Also, "bingas" (my verification word).

kStyle said...

Thanks, Ann!

Larry Jones said...

Enjoy your day!

And bingas to you, Ann!

kStyle said...

Thanks, Larry! I am most relaxed now.

Bingas, bingas all around!