Friday, April 18, 2008


Do any of y'all get migraines? I think I may be having my first bought ever. Feels like fingers of pain are squeezing behind my left eye, and then radiating down the side of my head, which feels like an overripe melon with tender streaks of pain. And nausea. The bright spring sun, which I would normally welcome, is blinding and painful. This lasts for hours, then goes away after I get home and can finally sleep for an hour, then comes back the next day.

Is that it?


Larry Jones said...

Those symptoms sound familiar. A headache so bad it makes you nauseated -- if it's not a migraine, it might as well be. Did you have a visual disturbance before the headache started? I used to get a silvery, swirling, shimmering effect right in the middle of my field of vision, which effectively blinded me for about an hour. It would gradually subside to the periphery of my vision before going away. I wrote about it here, and near the end of the comments there are a couple of suggestions for cures. I don't get the headaches anymore, but sometimes I still get the blind spot. You have my complete sympathy, sweetheart. My remedy would be darkness and rest. Oh, and someone to treat you like a beautiful, fragile princess until you feel better.

kStyle said...

Oh, Larry, you are a knight, thank you. Your symptoms sound awful! I did not have any more visual disturbance than usual...I occasionally see auras from time to time, but it's not a headache thing (and normally I keep that secret...shhh).

Narya said...

Yeah, sounds like migraine. Jonquil and the Brazen Tart both get them (I'll send you some linky goodness to Jonquil if you want--she has CHRONIC migraines, as do her kids, and it would make me insane). Are you still getting them?