Thursday, October 30, 2008

The End.

of my seven-year publishing career. It is over.

I realized on the drive home today that I get to keep the skills and knowledge I gained there, but the company loses a lot of institutional knowledge with my departure. Interesting, that.

We wait and watch. People ask if I'm excited, sad, happy, nervous...I suppose I am all and none of those at once. I don't really know how I feel, and I often feel that I don't know how I feel. I think it's because I'm a meditator: I can hold lots of feelings at once instead of painting them all one color, and I know not to get too attached to any of those feelings.

Most importantly: 30 Rock premiere tonight!


Narya said...

Word (on the mediator part, especially).

In moments i will put up my own post that says a version of the same thing.

Sometimes I think we should be living in the same city. And all times I glad we stumbled across each other in cyberspace.

kStyle said...

I'm going to visit to read your musings in a moment.

Perhaps if I am more gainfully employed by summer, I will finally visit you in Chi-Town. Got a futon?

I am also glad that we are both residents of the same Cyber City. :)

Narya said...

YES! a queen-sized one, as a matter of fact. And, hey, only a day's drive from Minneapolis . . .