Sunday, October 26, 2008

What is WRONG with me?

I need to exercise. I need to do some yoga, in particular. But it's like I'm so stuck in my head from doing research that I've forgotten how, like I am physically incapable of moving from the computer, unless I am armed with a highlighter and ready to read my hardcopy.

I've become an online databasaholic. I think
What if I search the EBSCO with an AND instead of an OR, and the OR term has to be in the abstract, not just anywhere in the text, and then I might get one additional hit, and if the article only has an abstract available, I can look for full text on Google Scholar, and if it's not there, I'll use WorldCat and see if it's an B.U. and then ask G. to find it for me there? Maybe that would find me two more articles! I already have 14 and I only need 10 for next week, but I'm on a ROLL!



Narya said...

It's amazing to me how I can sit at my computer--with my yoga mat RIGHT THERE ON THE FLOOR BEHIND ME--and just noodle away, for hours. I step over or around the mat, repeatedly.

The rowing machine was a little better, for the two weeks I had it; we'll see what happens when I get the parts back.

kStyle said...

At least I'm not alone in this!