Sunday, October 26, 2008

In which I cannot be trusted alone with popcorn.

I have created the caramel popcorn equivalent of a meth lab in my kitchen.

The plan was to reduce my consumption of the addictive, high-calorie dark choolate Moose Munch sent as vendor gifts by creating my own, healthy version at home. A little popcorn, a drizzle of homemade low-fat caramel, a few dark chocolate chips--you get the idea.

Instead, I found this caramel popcorn recipe, which was given 5 stars by 929 users. I had all the ingredients. I set to work. Five stars! Almost a thousand users!

I made supremely decadent, unhealthy caramel popcorn when I set out to do the very opposite. And just now, just now as I found you the above link to Moose Munch, yes, just now, I discovered that Harry & David make a light Moose Munch anyway!


My popcorn is mighty tasty, though. I may make it in lieu of Christmas cookies this year.


Larry Jones said...

If we were neighbors, I would trade you some homegrown, homemade persimmon bread for some of that stuff.

kStyle said...

That would be a most excellent trade.

Narya said...

Apple cake and breakfast muffins to trade, here . . .

kStyle said...

Narya: Yes, please!