Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Summer Intern* had time, and I did not, so she checked some revised pages for me. When I stopped at her desk two days later to see how it was going, I learned that she was done. She was done, but never brought the pages back to me. That's okay, I thought, maybe she doesn't know where I sit.

"How did it go?" I asked, "Were they clean?"

"I didn't find any edits," she replied.

"None? Or no big ones?"

"I didn't see anything," she said.

For those unfamiliar with publishing, I will note: That never happens. NE-VER.

I checked through one chapter. Oh, there were edits. Small ones, mind you, but mistakes were present and unaccounted for.

Thankfully, an assistant (a paid employee who wants to be there) had time to check these pages again. She found edits. She cleverly found additional errors. She rocks, and so we shall focus on her, rather than the intern.

*That is, the summer intern who is studying nursing but is spending the summer with us because her mom's a sales rep for the company, not because she is interested in publishing.


Narya said...

What's truly disturbing is that she's studying to be a NURSE. I mean, not like they need to pay attention to small details or anything.

kStyle said...

Yes, that occurred to me, as well.