Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I applied for another job, an ESL posting that had perfect part-time hours to accompany grad school. The posting did not require certification! Heck, since I was on my way to certification in ESL, I felt like I had a foot in the door already.

At 5:05, the principal called me. Happy! We chatted. It turned out that she needs someone to manage the ESL legislation requirements more than to teach English language learners. I don't know the laws; I am therefore not right for the position. (And anyway, it's not what I really want to do.) Sad.

But, she is keeping me on the list in case they need subs or someone to give the ELLs vocabulary intervention for their academic courses. Happy. -Ish. I took the opportunity to mention that if a sheltered English social studies position opens up, that is my bag.

(I didn't say, "That's my bag". It would be an idiom, the opposite of sheltered language.)


Narya said...

You may need to rearrange your thinking on this. That is, you're used to the publishing world, where people who desire publishing jobs are everywhere, where pay kinda sucks, and where there aren't that many jobs. Thus, you end up Not Being Picky.

In the world you're entering, however, you are at more of a premium--that is, you will be able to actually get something very much like the Job You Want. Plus, you haven't mucked up your resume much with excursions into other arenas (zen shiatsu notwithstanding).

Speaking of zen shiatsu, are you going to keep that practice? (I'm hoping you do, though I'm not entirely sure why I hope that.)

kStyle said...

Thanks, Narya.

You know, the ZS may work to my advantage, because 1. I was teaching it before my school closed, and 2. I also taught community ed workshops on holistic health. So, I have tweaked the Teacher Resume to highlight those aspects of my practice.

Keeping it up--I do not know. Certainly it would be a nice summer job.