Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shrimp Tandoori and the Delusional Feline

Takeout shrimp tandoori creates hopefully delusional behavior in Luna Cat. As I sat at the table, carefully unwrapping tinfoil to reveal the plump red shrimp, Luna sat so prettily at my knee. The dear cat wore her best tuxedo, black fur extra-glossy and white fur snow-white, all dressed up for a fancy prawn dish she would never taste. She gazed at me adoringly, luminous green-and-pale-yellow eyes wide and innocent. She loved me so much that she couldn't help but place one gloved paw on my knee and lean in to say, "Oh, how lovely you are! And what is that wonderful smell coming from your plate? Let me just get a closer look."

Nice try, Luna. I invented that one. "Mommy, you're so pretty," I'd say to my unsuspecting mother, "Could I have a cookie?"

Eventually I took pity on her and let her lick the foil after I had eaten every. Last. Bit. Of shrimp.

At least we are delusional together. I won't eat all the garlic naan!, I had promised myself. Oh, but it was so hot, and garlicky, and buttered so nicely.

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