Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Weekend's Accomplishments

No, I didn't win my eighth gold or finish the women's marathon almost a minute ahead of everyone else (that Romanian can run!), but here's what I did accomplish:

  • co-taught a class on the spleen
  • led a guided meditation
  • took two Nia classes
  • saw two shiatsu clients
  • visited my parents
  • made tarte au sucre, pumpkin cream popsicles, and fixin's for fish tacos and BBQ chicken (the Husband usually handles the meat/fish prep)
  • grocery shopping
  • cleaned the toilet
  • five, or maybe six, job applications for teaching support positions
Wheee-hoo! Good thing I'm going back to work so I can relax. Hah. Except that I despise my job and have to work at a frantic pace there. I don't mind working hard; I do mind a frantic pace.

What were your personal gold medals this weekend?


Ann Forstie said...

I washed not one, not two, but THREE loads of laundry.

...and that's about it. Unless you count Professional Whining About the Heat as an accomplishment.

kStyle said...

Gold Medal, Whining about the Heat! I like it! Cue the Star-Spangled Banner. Call your Mom and cry like Mr. Phelps. GO USA!

Larry Jones said...

I did this gig. We rocked hard, but I feel like a slacker after reading about your weekend.

Narya said...

Well, I'd intended to write my own damn post about it, but I did not get to that.
I did three loads of laundry (and ironed the linen bits). I went downtown to the farmers' market Saturday morning and spent $90 (yes, but that includes $35 for honey and $11 for soap) on honey; soap; sweet corn; tomatos; onions; more tomatos; fresh mozzarella; basil; a little piece of brie layered with apricots, almonds and honey; and peaches. I went to a yoga class Sunday morning. I finished an editing project (that was about 10 hours of work, so that took up a chunk of time). I cleaned around the edges of the pit that is my apartment, rendering it slightly less pit-like. I watched the first season of "30 Rock" and "Room with a View." I marinated some venison loin in garlic, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and a little olive oil, then pan-fried the chunks (quite tasty), and had that with three ears of corn, and some tomatos, basil, mozzarella, and salt and balsamic vinegar. I gathered my crap together for the first few days of the week. And I talked to my mom.

kStyle said...

Larry: Not a slacker, someone who is more in tine with the spirit of weekend. The gig looks fun. Gold Medal: Rockin' Out!

Narya: 30 Rock! Hurray! Farmer's Market! Hurray! Also, congrats on getting to yoga. Gold medal: Marinating!