Saturday, August 2, 2008

In which the afternoon becomes pretty damn fine.

G. is off at the party I am too tired to attend, and so I am left alone with two dozing cats and the marvelous lightning storms. Thunder cracks right in the yard, and sometimes sirens yell as rescue vehicles race through the intersection, but the sirens sound lazy to me. My Tibetan prayer flags on the balcony look beautifully vibrant soaked through. I have prepared Mexican chocolate pops, now nestled in the freezer, and the sweet aroma of milk simmering with loads of cinnamon is still wafting through the condo. I placed frozen butter on the edge of the hot stovetop to defrost, so that I can make my aunt's recipe in a few minutes. Lucky me, turns out I have all the ingredients in the cupboards. While the raisin buns bake, I plan to sit at the kitchen table, enjoying the good smells and listening to the rain pour, and pull out my Tarot cards for a shuffle.

PS. Here is my aunt's description of the Golden Raisin Buns, from a collection of family recipes she gave me for my wedding shower:

These soft, golden, eggy buns are almost like cream puffs. The outside raisins toast a little; the inside ones stay juicy. Lightly frost and serve while still fresh from baking.

Are you drooling? I am!

PPS The frosting is lemony. The buns themselves have very little sugar. This promises to be fantastic.

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